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Available for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and PS4

Standard Edition

Standard Edition for PC


  • Base Game

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition for PC


  • Base Game
  • Warlord Robe Set
  • Magicka Orchestra Soundtrack
  • Digital Interactive Map
  • Cultist Robe Set

New Expansion - Ice, Death and Fury

The most overpowered and irresponsible wizards known to fantasy are back! In this second DLC for Magicka 2 you will experience more spells, outfits, missions, enemies and co-op fun then you can wave a wand at!

Expansion - Three Cardinal Points

Three new Challenges - introducing environmental dangers to Magicka 2's Challenge Maps! Hordes of bloodthirsty enemies pour out from mysterious gates in the North, South and East, each with unique environmental dangers! One of the Challenges is truly a challenge – Bragging rights included!

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